Verdunkelungsrollo VELUX DKL DML DSL

Roof windows blackout blinds VELUX DKL, DML Electrical and DSL Solar made for perfect sleep with total blackout. Available in 36 colours an 19 sizes. Pick&Click!™ fittings. 3-year guarantee
Verdunkelungsrollo VELUX DKL DML DSL
Blackout blinds VELUX® DKL DML DSL - Perfect sleep with total blackout.

Fabric offers complete blackout. Stepless positioning. 36 different colours and designs including 12 fun and exciting designs from the Disney & VELUX Dream Collection. Installs in minutes with our unique Pick&Click!™ system.

Blackout blind offers a lightproof seal for total darkness anytime. It is ideal in bedrooms, where you need complete light control to ensure a good night’s sleep or a restful nap during the day.

Operation: DKL - Manual operation with control bar and step-less positioning. DML - Remote controlled and electrically powered. DSL - Remote controlled and solar powered.

Blackout blinds are made of a dirt resistant OEKO-TEX® fabric consisting of three layers; a polyester layer facing the room, a light-tight intermediate layer, and a special aluminium coating on the back.

★ Easy installation with the Pick&Click!™ system
★ 19 Sizes
★ 3-year guarantee

Blackout blinds VELUX® DKL DML DSL