Faltstore VELUX FHL

Use the roof windows pleated blinds VELUX FHL for softly diffused daylight. Available in 20 colours. Easy install with Pick&Click!™ system. In 19 sizes.
Faltstore VELUX FHL
Pleated blinds VELUX® FHL - A flexible blind that ensures total privacy.
Softly diffuses daylight. Flexible, steeples positioning. 20 different colors and designs.
Pleated blind FHL is an elegant way to provide privacy while bathing your room in a pleasant, soft light. It can be positioned anywhere in the window to adjust the amount of incoming light and you can still enjoy a view of the outside.
Available in 20 different colors and designs.
Pleated blind FHL will soften the light entering the room to different degrees depending on the color of the blind.
"Flying" manual operation with control bar and steeples positioning. Electric blinds operated via control pad.
FHL are made of a translucent polyester cloth. The concealed cords are made of wear-resistant polyester. The blinds run in slim, elegant side channels made of anodized aluminum that prevent light leakage.

★ Installation with the Pick&Click!™ system
★ 19 Sizes
★ 3-year guarantee

Pleated Blinds FHL by VELUX