Sichtschutzrollo VELUX RFL RML RSL

Roof windows roller blinds VELUX RFL, RML Electrical and RSL Solar for glare protection anailable in 15 colours and 19 sizes. Quick installation with Pick&Click!™ system.
Sichtschutzrollo VELUX RFL RML RSL
Roller blinds VELUX® RFL RML RSL - Soften the sunlight and prevent glare. Glare protection. Stepless positioning. Available in 15 colours and designs.

The VELUX® basic roller blind is an economical solution to soften incoming daylight while increasing privacy.

Available in 15 different colours and designs. The RFL roller blind softens the light entering the room. The amount of light softening varies, depending on the colour of the blind.

Operation: RFL - Manual operation with control bar and stepless positioning. RML - Remote controlled and electrically powered. RSL - Remote controlled and solar powered.

VELUX roller blinds are made of polyester, or cotton and linen (where available). The cords are made of wear-resistant polyester.

★ Installation with the Pick&Click!™ system
★ 19 Sizes
★ 3-year guarantee

Roller blinds VELUX® RFL RML RSL