Blackout Energy Blinds FHC FMC FSC by VELUX

Roof windows blackout energy blinds VELUX FHC, FMC Electrical and FSC Solar for increased insulation. Available in 12 colors and 19 sizes. Pick&Click!™ installation. 3-year guarantee.
Blackout Energy Blinds FHC FMC FSC by VELUX
Blackout energy blinds VELUX® FHC FMC FSC - Increase comfort during cold nights with the insulation of double pleats.

Total blackout. Free positioning in the window frame. Step-less positioning. Double pleated cloth. Protects against cold from the outside. Privacy and diffusion of incoming daylight. No visible cords. Installs in minutes with unique Pick&Click!™ system. Available in 12 colours.

Blackout energy blinds provide total blackout and high insulation against cold due to the tight construction and the double pleated cloth with a built-in aluminium honeycomb structure. The insulation effect is up to 26%. Because the blind is not fixed at the top or the bottom, it can be positioned anywhere in the window. This provides you with fully adjustable light control and privacy.

Operation: FHC - Manual operation. FMC - Remote controlled and electrically powered. FSC - Remote controlled and solar powered.

★ Pick&Click!™
★ 19 Sizes
★ 3-year guarantee
Blackout Energy Blinds FHC FMC FSC by VELUX