Insect screen ZIL by VELUX

Roof windows insect screens VELUX ZIL provide 100% insect protection. Manufactured from durable, transparent fabric. Available in 13 Sizes with 3-year guarantee
Roof windows insect screens VELUX® ZIL
Roof windows insect screens VELUX® ZIL - Enjoy fresh air without unwanted visitors. 100% insect protection. Durable, transparent fabric. Does not obstruct your view.

The VELUX® ZIL insect screen lets you enjoy fresh air – without any insects. It is easy to operate and fits any VELUX® roof window. The insect screen stows neatly away in the slim aluminium top casing when not in use.

The VELUX® insect screen ZIL is manually operated with a control bar. Simply grab the bar and pull it up or down. The insect screen is attached to a top casing and runs in side rails that ensure a smooth operation. When not in use, it's conveniently stowed away in the top casing.

VELUX® insect screens ZIL are made of a glass fiber net coated with PVC. The side rails are made of natural anodized aluminium. VELUX® insect screens run in side channels made of natural anodised aluminium making it completely insect proof.

★ 13 Sizes
★ 3-year guarantee

Roof windows insect screens VELUX® ZIL